The Wavecrest development is an ocean front 38 acre subdivision located near Platico Point on the North shore of Middle Caicos. It is made up of 62 building lots ranging in size from .38 of an acre up to .74 of an acre waterfront, with fully paved roads within the development and conduit under the roads for when we pull in power to the subdivision  Prices start from $35K USD and financing options are available.

The proximity of our location to Conch Bar is approx 10 minutes, and the drive is a pleasurable one with the implementation of beautiful new black top paved roads across the island. Middle Caicos is a beautiful island with dramatic cliffs and huge above water cave systems, as well as long deserted sandy beaches and the Caribbean’s largest National Park With Providenciales having developed so much in the past 10 years, people have made a concerted effort to move outward from Provo and look to the outer islands for a more tranquil, more beautiful and more reasonably priced place to build their dream island homes.

The diving is great, the fishing wonderful, the turquoise water is breathtaking and all this is a stone’s throw from the Wavecrest’s location.The subdivision is also located on a stretch of the North shore, where there are no Casurina Pine trees to block the views from the lots, as most of the North shore in the area has that issue to deal with.

With the regular ferry trips from Provo, to the new North Caicos marina, the ease of renting a car on North Caicos and a causeway linking the islands, Middle Caicos is more accessible than ever before, and with that comes development and property value increases.






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